The University Blood Donation Cup

When the selflessness of one is the victory of all – donate blood! Coubertin’s “The important thing is not to win, but to take part” is now more relevant than ever.

The Olympic games or any other competitions are only won by the strongest, the best. In the University Blood Donation Cup, everyone who donates blood is a winner. So then, anyone from any of Brno’s universities who contributes a drop of blood to fill our shared cup of togetherness and selflessness, can count themselves as a winner. How big of a cup can we fill? How many lives will we save together? We hope for the maximum we can. Join us and donate a piece of yourself for the benefit of others.

How to join

About the project

The University BLOOD DONATION CUP is organized by the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, supporting the statutory city of Brno’s campaign Donating blood for Brno. Within this campaign a donation event called 4,5 dl for life, aimed at public sector, university sector and others, started.

For the university sector, it is the Faculty of Medicine at Masaryk University, under the patronage of its Dean, Martin Repko, that has the honour of putting “The University Blood Donation Cup” into practice.

The aim of this project is to motivate students, academics, employees and university graduates to join in, donate blood and, with joint effort, help to acquire the lifesaving gift.

“We acknowledge the severity of current situation concerning the shortage of blood in healthcare establishments. Calls for blood donations from different areas are now more frequent than ever before. We are actively following last year’s project called 100 litres of blood, THANK YOU, MUNI, which brought together the students, employees, graduates, and supporters of Masaryk university, who collected a vast number of donations.

“We want to support all individual appeals for donations and we invite all universities based in the city of Brno to participate in the University BLOOD DONATION CUP.”

The selflessness of one is the victory of all. Together we can achieve more!

How to join

2. Donate blood

During the period of the event, donate blood at The University Hospital Brno, St Anne’s University Hospital or any other blood collection centre in the Czech Republic.

3. Sign up for the project

After donating blood, sign up for The University Blood Donation Cup. There will be a prize draw and a few lucky participants will receive valuable prizes. The announcement of results is planned for May 2021.

Rules of the event

Duration of the event: 1. 10. 2020 – 30. 4. 2021

All the students, employees and graduates of Brno Universities that donated blood within the given period of time in Brno or outside of Brno can join the “University Blood Donation Cup” event.

Event terms and conditions

Also, join the event called “4,5 dl for life”

If you are from Brno University and donate blood in Brno, you can also join the event 4,5 dl of blood for life.

Your university – Your blood – Your help

Universities located in Brno

“Students, employees, graduates of ALL Brno Universities, UNITE!”

Selflessness of one is victory of all – donate blood!

Contact info

Do you have a question for the organizers of the University Blood Donation Cup? Got a question that is not answered on our website? Message us.

Mgr. Natália Antalová



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